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The association also welcomes families of children with learning difficulties.

Learning difficulties – Dyslexia – Dyspraxia – Dysphasia – Coordination and balance disorders
Concentration - Hyperactivity – Developing autonomy ...

These parents are in search of solutions to help their child and to allow him or her to optimise
physical and intellectual potential.

Parents can meet with other parents, share their experiences
and help other children with difficulties.

A dynamic network of parents has developed over the years.

The Association Dominique welcomes families of handicapped children

30 years

and over 1700 children

from 86 counties
(including DOM-TOM)
and 11 foreign countries

These disabilities include genetic syndromes, rare disorders, traumas
or developmental delay triggered by various causes.

Cerebral palsy – Downs syndrome – rare syndromes (West, Rett, Angelmans,…)
Autistic spectrum (Asperger) – Brain damage – Developmental delay – Traumas…

The Association Dominique provides families with

The Association Dominique owns two houses to welcome families for the therapy

Dominique Houses - 37 rue Luigi Amadio - 31470 Fonsorbes - France

Assoc Dominique Handicap

+33 (0)5 61 86 09 15

Families can meet teams of practitioners in a pleasant environment
that is adapted for individuals with reduced mobility.

Two houses built in Fonsorbes
(30 km south-west of Toulouse).

Financing the building of the houses, investments, functioning costs
are covered by : donations and adhesion fees,
 organisation  of events and subventions..

The Association Dominique functions essentially with volunteers.

For the past 30 years, the Association has existed and developed
thanks to the work and fidelity of its volunteers.

This team of volunteers helps the Association through the organisation of various events :
bingo, races, concerts….

The chain of solidarity that was created around the Association is still strong and includes :
a managing team, volunteers, housing possibilities, members, partnerships, private donators…

The President,
Jacqueline DELPECH
and members of the Administration Committee are all volunteers.

The Association Dominique : an important go-between !







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