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Always more, always better for the children

These practitioners provide training courses in multisensory stimulation techniques.

DEVENIR Développement - France
Développement Éveil Neurologique Intégration des Réflexes

Emilien with his parents Jeanne with her parents Matys with his parents

In every case a better comfort of life appears.

Through their enthusiasm and devotion, parents can help to improve their child’s quality of life and develop their potential by performing specific exercises with their child on a daily basis.

The parents : the main actors

- The Association Dominique is equipped with a neurofeedback system for children
and adults suffering from, concentration, behaviour disorders, learning difficulties…


This non-medical approach helps to improve brain functioning. Observed improvements vary depending
on the individual but in most cases a positive impact
is observed on concentration, attention, sleep and
can help to reduce the intensity of epileptic fits.

Assoc Dominique Handicap

+33 (0)5 61 86 09 15

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For over 30 years, the Association Dominique has always sought more
solutions for providing to handicapped children a more comfortable lifestyle

Multisensory stimulation

For all children who need to be helped in their motor and/or cognitive development.

This technique is based on what a child can do, and not his/her incapacities,
in order to optimize his/her development and well-being.

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Brucker Biofeedback

A specific therapeutic method for patients suffering from brain damage or spinal injury.

Brucker-Biofeedback is a simple and non-intrusive reeducation method.
Neuromuscular signals can be visualized on a computer screen.
Electrodes are placed on specific muscle groups and their activity is measured. The patient can follow the activity on the screen and adapt the strength and precision of muscle contraction or relaxation.
At term, the brain will register this new information and help the patient to adapt his muscle activity to the desired movement.
Movements therefore become more automatic and this reduces the concentration effort necessary to move each muscle group.

Trained in Miami by the Doctor BRUCKER, founder of this method, Ralf NICKEL assisted by Véronique de VROEY, currently works in a private hospital in Munich. They have been holding biofeedback work sessions since June 2015 in the premises of Association Dominique.

The method of multi-sensory stimulation bases itself on the capacity of the brain to be permanently reorganized ( intellectual plasticity)

It is a method of awakening the principle of which is the daily and adapted repetition of movements, games, exercises to wake and allow " the recording " of intellectual functions at a child who lost them or has not acquired them yet.

A dynamic evaluation of the children is realized in various domains : persistence of primary reflexes, gross and fine motor skills, manual abilities, vision, touch sensitivity, autonomy, reading, mathematics …

Following this evaluation, a personalized program is set up and taught to the parents.

The family is in the centre of the care and realizes this program at home.

Next session  9 to 19 September 2016

At the Association Dominique : Snoezelen area

Practice of stimulation to give of the well-being
in a soothing and stimulating space :
bright effects, sets of colours, sounds, perfumes

Not directive practice, Snoezelen is known for its positive effects
on the people affected by severe mental handicaps or by deep autism.

This area was able to be created thanks to the financial participation of diverse foundations

Neurofeedback Brucker-Biofeedback Multisensory stimulation techniques